What kind of targeted Fans/Likes can you deliver?

We can add fans/likes based on age, gender, location, or industry/keywords.

How long does it take to get the Fans/Likes?

1,000 targeted fans from popular countries like the US, UK, Canada usually take 1-2 days. It can take about a day to setup your campaign and gather the users in our network who fit your targeting needs. The Facebook page that we’re adding the fans to can also affect the time it takes. If we’re adding fans to a page with a popular topic or genre, people will like the page much faster.

How do you add fans/likes to my page?
Buy Facebook Fans has a worldwide network of Facebook fan pages, groups, and profiles with millions of Facebook users.

We send suggestions/invites to our users (based on the targeting options you need) to like your page.

Our method of adding fans means that you will get “opt-in” fans. Some people will like your page, and some will not. They are not forced to join your page – they have to agree and accept the fan page suggestion to like your page.

What kind of fans/likes will I get if I order non-targeted fans?

You will get a random mix of people from around the world. The fans could be from Canada, India, Japan, US, Germany, or any other country. The fans will be a random mix of ages and will be both male and female.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes! We guarantee 100% that you will get the fans/likes that you order. Time frame for delivery depends on the number of likes you order, and the targeting options you need. We do not guarantee a specific time frame, but orders are generally fulfilled in 2 weeks or less.

Do you need my Facebook password?

No. We don’t need it

Are you affiliated with Facebook?

No. We are in no way affiliated with Facebook.

Do you need Administrator access to my fan page if I order fans?

No. We don’t need it

Do you need Administrator access to my fan page if I order a custom fan page?

Yes. You will need to grant us administrator rights to your fan page if you want us to setup your tab on your custom page.

What is FBML?

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language. FMBL is the “coding language” used by Facebook. It is similar to HTML.

What is a Custom Tab?

When we customize your Facebook page, we essentially create a new tab that can appear alongside the other tabs you already have: Wall, Info, etc. Further, we can set up your page so that your new customized tab is the “default” – meaning visitors to your page will see it first (rather than the Wall).

I have my own server, can I host my own images and files?

At this time, all images and media files must be hosted on our servers. This allows for quicker customization, testing and turn around times.


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